III Annual Meeting of the European Network on Latin American Politics –REPLA-

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Democratization in Latin America

Institute for Iberoamerican Studies, University of Salamanca
Salamanca (Spain), May 7th & 8th, 2009

The European Network on Latin American Politics (REPLA) is an academic initiative, launched by Ph.D students interested on Latin American politics. REPLA is aimed at establishing a formal network of academic institutions focused on Latin American Studies.

According to this goal, REPLA’s third Annual Meeting will gather Ph.D. students from different countries and disciplines in order to present papers and exchange ideas on current Latin American issues. Therefore, this meeting will become an excellent opportunity to forge a solid network among participants as well as among their home university institutions.

REPLA III Annual Meeting format

24 papers will be presented in six different workshops during two days (May 7th & 9th, 2009). Each speaker will present his or her research for 15 minutes. Following the presentation, a commentator will take the floor to launch a one-hour discussion with all the attendants.

Participants requests
• Enclose an accreditation of being a Ph.D student.
• Present a paper proposal linked to any of the defined panels.
• Enclose an abstract as well as a paper summary.
• Working languages: papers can be presented either in English or in Spanish.

* People interested in attending III Annual Meeting without any paper presentation are also welcome. For confirmation, please write to the following e-mail address: repla2009@usal.es

• Dead-line: November 30th, 2008.
• Abstracts and summaries extension: between 500 and 700 words. Every paper proposal should
clearly indicate: title, panel in which is located, research targets and used methodology. Paper
proposals will be send to the following e-mail address: repla2009@usal.es
• Acceptance of participants will be communicated by December 20th, 2008.
• Dead-line for final papers: April 1st, 2009.

Paper Presentation (requests)

• Extension: 9000 words (maximum), including abstracts, bibliography and indexes.
• Printing characteristics: Times New Roman, 12, single space.
• Every page should be numbered on the lower right-side corner.
• Bibliography will be detailed at the end of the paper.
• Every paper must include a brief summary in English and in Spanish (500 words maximum, each).
• Every paper must clearly include the following information: author, academic institution and contact
e-mail address.


REPLA will provide lodging (hotel rooms on May 6th & 7th) and transport from Madrid and Valladolid to Salamanca to all participants (round trip tickets). Other spending will be covered by each participant.

More information in this link or:  repla2009@usal.es



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